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Geographic Diversity Program

What is GnosisVIP?

Gnosis Chain aspires to be the most secure and credibly neutral blockchain, supported by a deeply decentralized network. 

The GnosisVIP program serves to greatly improve decentralization of Gnosis Chain through various bounties and incentives that ensure the resilience and diversity of our validator network.

Browse our programs and get rewarded for contributing to a meaningful mission and a credibly neutral blockchain for everyone.

The State of Decentralization is a real-time dashboard that measures decentralization of the Gnosis Chain and Ethereum networks. We use the Nakamoto Coefficient as the primary quantitative measure across multiple dimensions of the network.

Learn more about the Nakamoto Coefficient and explore Gnosis Chain decentralization metrics at

Active Programs

Explore our active incentive programs available to Gnosis Chain validators.

Geographic Incentive Program

The goal of the Geographic Incentive Program is to increase the number of unique countries with Gnosis Chain validation nodes.

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Learn How to Validate

ValidateGnosis makes it easy for anyone participate in Gnosis Chain validation. Discover validation options and step-by-step guides for setting up your Gnosis validator.

Looking for another program?

Gnosis Builders offers liquidity support for DeFi projects, grants for public goods, and more to help you find success in the Gnosis Chain ecosystem.